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Filter Forge

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Filter Forge For Windows & Mac



Standalone software and a plug-in for popular graphic applications.


Filter Forge is a versatile Photoshop plugin which lets both novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects. Users can take instant advantage of over 10298 free community-created filters in the online filter library, or create their own filters in the visual filter editor by assembling them from components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, noises, distortions, or blends – without writing a single line of code.




- Install

- Run Patch, press left button




Filter Forge 5.0 Released!

The final version of Filter Forge 5.0 is now available! It features randomization locks, introduces the ability to customize default values for components and adds new powerful components. It also includes support for new host applications and OS versions.




On the surface, Filter Forge is just a Photoshop plugin, a pack of filters that generate textures, create visual effects, enhance photos, process images. However, there are 3 things that make Filter Forge unique:


1. You can create your own filters. Filter Forge comes with a visual node-based editor allowing you to create your own filters – textures, effects, distortions, backgrounds, frames, you name it. All filters automatically support 16- and 32-bit modes in Photoshop, real-world HDRI lighting, bump and normal maps, huge resolutions, and most filters can be seamlessly tiled.


2. You get free access to 11463 user-created filters. Anyone can contribute their textures and effects to the online filter collection so it grows with every submitted filter. This means the more people use Filter Forge, the better it gets.


3. Contributors get Filter Forge for free. You submit filters, they get popular with the users, we send you a free copy of Filter Forge. Sounds simple but don't expect a giveaway, you will have to earn it.


New Features Added in Filter Forge 5

Randomization Enhancements Randomization Enhancements Filter Forge 5.0 introduces much-requested enhancements to its randomization functions, including the ability to protect filter settings from randomization, the ability to quickly randomize specific parameters, and a simplified randomization settings menu.


Bomber Plus Bomber Plus Bomber Plus is a definite improvement to one of the most popular Filter Forge components. With 10 slave components it allows you to customize each particle individually and create an unlimited number of particle types.


Patterns Plus Patterns Plus Bricks, Tiles and Pavements, Filter Forge's "brick-and-mortar" components, have not changed since version 1.0. Filter Forge 5.0 finally refreshes them by adding slave components and making them support HDR colors.


Map Switch Map Switch Filter Forge 5.0 adds a new component that allows you to switch subtrees based on a mappable Selector input. It is particularly useful in conjunction with the new Bomber Plus.


Pixel Awareness Pixel Awareness Filter Forge 5.0 adds a new component that allows you to switch subtrees based on a mappable Selector input. It is particularly useful in conjunction with the new Bomber Plus.


The Modulo component The Modulo component A new Modulo component calculates the channelwise remainder after channelwise division of source RGB values by another set of RGB values.


Filter Manager Default Component Values The right-click menu of most components now offers commands to save default values for a particular component, and reset them back to factory settings.



Plug-in de alta calidad para crear filtros en Photoshop

Filter Forge es un versátil plugin de Photoshop que permite tanto a usuarios principiantes y expertos crear una amplia variedad de texturas realistas y abstractas y efectos.


Los usuarios pueden tomar ventaja inmediata de más de 8650 filtros gratuitos creados en la comunidad en la biblioteca de filtro en línea, o crear sus propios filtros en el editor de filtro visual mediante el ensamblaje de ellas a partir de componentes como los desenfoques, gradientes, ajustes de color, ruidos, distorsiones, o mezclas – sin escribir una sola línea de código.




PSD Cleaner

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PSD Cleaner (1.0.2) Mac


Official Website

Worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair -- It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

A great way to keep your files in the PSD-clean. PSD Cleaner scans your PSD and find all empty, published abroad, document and other “problem” layers that you can remove the mass or confinement immediately from the panel PSD Cleaner.


Avoid the manual work of keeping your designs organized. PSD cleaner automatically scans through your PSD structure to find all the messy layers. And these layers can be quickly fixed right from the panel as well. This way you will always know what’s wrong and your PSD will always be clean.



OS X 10.7+ with Photoshop CC 14.1 or higher

AV Bros Page Curl Pro 2.2 Build

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AV Bros Page Curl Pro 2.2 Build Windows



AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2




Follow instructions in file for installation


Serial provided


Compatible in CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4


AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 is an extremely high quality, powerful and flexible Adobe® Photoshop® filter plug-in (8bf). It works with any image editing application (host) that supports Adobe's specification for Photoshop plugins (8bf).


This plug-in has the ALL NEW and unrivalled engine that lets you not only bend the image, using two types of bending (curling and folding), but also texturize it (using the bump maps), orient it in 3D space (including the perspective distortions) and obtain total control over the process of lighting the image (including the option of dropping inner shadows).


We consider AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 as the multi-purpose plug-in that may be used not only as the page bender, but also as the Texturizer, Lighting lab, etc.


The User Interface of AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 is extremely convenient and has some unique features that make your work with the plug-in both very efficient and pleasant at the same time.


Complete List of Features:


* The ability to create both the turning page effect (Page Curl) and the folding page effect (Page Fold) (collectively – bends).

* The Multi-bend option: the ability to create several bends within the single session of the plug-in.

* The ability to orient the page in 3D space.

* The ability to specify the desired level of the perspective while orienting in 3D space.

* The ability to work with arbitrarily-shaped images (non-rectangular, with full or partial transparent areas, etc.)

* The total control over the process of creating the surface for a curled or a folded page by adjusting the following parameters of the surface:

- Angle, Level, Radius, Obliquity, Torsion, Direction and the Limit of the turn (for page curling).

- Angle, Level, Folding Angle and Direction (for page folding).

* Switching the direction (Upward or Downward) of page curling or folding.

* Adjusting the opacity of the whole page.

* Adjusting the cross-opacity of the page.

* The ability to specify various contents for either side of the page:

- Content from the active layer.

- Solid color (custom color, host's foreground or background colors).

- Image from the file, which may be either tiled or resized to fit.

- Content from any layer of the current document (This feature is available only for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and higher.)

* The ability to flip the content of either side of the page.

* Swapping the content of the page's sides.

* The ability to choose between two lighting modes: the Simple and Advanced modes.

* Adjusting the level of the shading in the Simple Lighting mode.

* The total control over the process of lighting the page in the Advanced Lighting mode. This process includes:

- Adding up to 25 light sources (Direct light sources.) for lighting both sides of the page.

- Specifying the direction of either light source.

- Specifying the parameters of the Diffuse Reflection of either light source, including the Color and Intensity of the Diffuse Reflection and the fact of its presence for either side of the page.

- Specifying the parameters of the Specular Reflection of either light source, including the Color, Intensity and the Specular Exponent of the Specular Reflection and the fact of its presence for either side of the page.

- Specifying the parameters of the Ambient Light, including its Color and Intensity for either side of the page.

- Ambient Light Auto-Adjust option.

- Rendering Inner Shadows with adjustable Opacity and Size. (Inner Shadows are dropped by any existed Light Source upon your choice.)

* The ability to texturize either side of the page by using the grayscale images (called Bump Maps). As a Bump Map you can use either your document's channels or any file.

* The ability to adjust the existed Bump Map inside the plug-in. The following adjustments are available: Blur, Level, Flip Vertical and Horizontal. And you can also Invert (black to white and vice-versa) the existing Bump Map.

* The ability to make the bent part of the page to be outside the page's initial boundary.

* The ability to make the bent part of the page to be cut into the remaining part of the page.

* The ability to create the "non-complete" page curling effect by adjusting the turn Limit.

* The presence of a transparent area under the curled or folded part of the page.

* Multi-level Undo option.

* Supporting images in RGB, CMYK and Grayscale color modes (8-bit).

* Specifying the quality of the surface rendering, including the Auto Mode.

* Exporting the result of the render to both a PSD file and a PNG file. Exporting to a PSD file includes current Color Profile provided by the host.

* Fast and high-quality preview.

* Using various backdrops for the Main Preview area:

- The standard checkerboard.

- The custom solid color.

- The content of the active layer of the current document.

- The content of any layer of the current document. (This feature is available only for Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and higher.)

* Saving and loading settings (cross-platform) of the plug-in.

* The ability to record scripting parameters and be automated by them (Scripting-aware).

* FULL compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS3 - CS5*, including support of the Smart Filters and Video Layers (for PS CS3 - CS5 Extended) options of these hosts!


Tested hosts (for Windows®):


* Adobe Photoshop (7.0, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 (32/64 bit), CS5 (32/64 bit) )

* Adobe Image Ready (2.0 and higher)

* Adobe Photoshop Elements (1.0 and higher)

* Adobe Fireworks (MX and higher) (formerly Macromedia Fireworks)

* Corel Photopaint (8 and higher)

* Corel Paint Shop Pro (5 and higher) (formerly Jasc Paint Shop Pro)

* ACD Systems Canvas Professional 8.0.1 (formerly Deneba Canvas)

* Ulead Photoimpact (8 and higher)


Operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista , Windows 7


Language: English


Topaz B&W Effects v2.2.0

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Topaz B&W Effects v2.2.0 for Adobe Photoshop with Key


Topaz B&W Effects for Adobe Photoshop


Create rich and dynamic images full of compelling tone and detail with this all-in-one solution for professional black and white photos. Use over two hundred beautiful 1-click effects, a finely-tuned B&W conversion engine, unique creative processing, selective adjustment brushes, and pixel-perfect grain reproduction to enhance your art.


Traditional Collection

Features simplified black and white effects that render a traditional look.


Stylized Collection

Combines traditional black and white with creative effects like diffusion, cartoon, paint, multi-tone effects, and more.


Albumen Collection

Varies in color from purple to chocolate brown. The most common photographic print used in the 19th century.


Opalotype Collection

Printed on sheets of translucent white glass called opal or milk glass, and hand-tinted with colors to enhance effect.


Toned Collection

Infuses traditional black and white effects with tones of copper, gold, selenium, sepia and antique.


Cyanotype Collection

Simulates the Cyanotype photographic printing process, which results in a cyan or blue print.


Van Dyke Brown Collection

Characterized by lush sepia and brown tonalities. Prints vary in hue and color through different toning options.


Platinum Collection

Warm black to silvery white. Highly regarded for broad tonal ranges and ability to hold important image detail.


Adaptive Exposure Integration

Powerful contrast is the key to creating stunning black and white photos. Enhance both detail and depth using Topaz adaptive exposure technology.


True Grain Library

Use real grain physically scanned from real film. Choose from a wide variety of popular true grain styles to give your photos an authentic look and feel.


Creative Effects

Add realistic, graphic, and artistic flair to your images with a selection of stylized tools like Simplify, Diffusion, Posterize, and more.


Finishing Effects

Finish strong by putting a final dramatic touch on your work with creative finishes like toning, grain, borders, vignettes and more.


System Requirements:


Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

2 GB RAM minimum - preferably more

Adobe Photoshop CS4-CS6 (32-bit and 64-bit), Adobe Photoshop Elements 6-11.

Lightroom 2-4 via Topaz Fusion Express


PaintShop Pro

Photo Impact

Serif Photo Plus

photoFXlab ONLY - Video Card should support OpenGL 2.1 technology and later (A better video card will increase performance even more so than a faster computer processor.)



OnOne Perfect Resize 7.0.1

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Photoshop Plugin - OnOne Perfect Resize 7.0.1 :




This is a Image resizer Plugin for Photoshop which installs as a Plugin for


Photoshop, as well as a Standalone application. In some cases an error is reported


when the plugin is operated from within Photoshop CS 5 thru CS 6 and the plugin


crashes.. But as a standalone it works flawlessly.



This plugin (formerly known as 'Genuine Fractals' and a former market leader in


Image resizer applications), is a classic example where a genuine, quality product


is taken over and totally fucked up beyond recognition.



Remember, this plugin is memory and Graphic Cerd intensive. So, if you do not


deploy a Graphic Card , 3 - 4 GB of RAM , High End Processor - Do not bother


downloading this.



Rest assured that if the above requirements are met, it works like a charm.



Within Photoshop the Plugin is available at File .> Automate menu.

































Corel ParticleShop 1.2

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Corel ParticleShop 1.2





1. Unzip "COREL_ParticleShop_1.2 .zip"


2. Disconnect from your Internet


3. Install Particle Shop


4. Generate Serial Key using Keygen (Remember to Disable your Antivirus while extracting Keygen)


5. Open Photoshop


6. Open any file (any photo)


7. Go to Filters in the title bar.


8. Open Filters > Painter > ParticleShop.


9. Select "Other options" to activate (Make sure that You are not connected to Internet)


10. Select Contact Corel (Offline option)


11. Copy Instation code to Keygen and Generate Activation code.


12. Activate with the given code.


13. Done !


What are the minimum system requirements ?


Supported applications


• Adobe CS5 Suite (Photoshop and Lightroom)

• Adobe CS6 Suite (Photoshop and Lightroom)

• Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop and Lightroom)

• Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

• Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 (included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6)*

• Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 (included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7)

• Corel PaintShop Pro X6*

• Corel PaintShop Pro X7

• Corel PaintShop Pro X8




• Windows 10 (64-Bit), Windows 8.1 (64-Bit), or Windows 7 (64-Bit) (with latest Service Pack)

• Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron

• Intel Core 2 Duo or higher (recommended)

• 2 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended)

• 225 MB hard disk space for application files*

• 1024 x 768 screen resolution or greater (1280 x 800 recommended)

• Mouse or Tablet



How do I add ParticleShop to my image-editing application?


ParticleShop is installed automatically in the plug-in folders of the following applications: Adobe CS5, Adobe CS6, Adobe CC, Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7, Corel PaintShop Pro X7 and Corel PaintShop Pro X8. To use ParticleShop with other image-editing applications:


1 Browse to the folder where you installed ParticleShop.

Tip: By default, ParticleShop is installed in X:\Program Files\Corel\ParticleShop where "X" indicates the drive on which ParticleShop is installed.

2 Create a shortcut to the following file:

• (Mac OS) Ctrl + click ParticleShop.plugin, and click Make Alias.

• (Windows) Right-click ParticlePlugin.8bf in the PhotoshopPlugin folder, and click Create Shortcut.

3 Place the shortcut in the plug-in folder of your image-editing application.

4 To enable ParticleShop, follow the instructions for enabling plug-ins in your image-editing application.


How do I start ParticleShop?


• In Adobe Photoshop, click Filters > Painter > ParticleShop.

In Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 or later, you can also launch ParticleShop from the Quick Launch panel by clicking Window > Extensions > ParticleShop.

• In Corel PaintShop Pro, click Effects > Plugins > Painter > ParticleShop.

• In Corel PHOTO-PAINT, click Effects > Painter > ParticleShop.

• In CorelDRAW, select a bitmap, and click Bitmaps > Plug-ins > Painter > ParticleShop.

• In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, click Develop. Right-click the image, click Edit In > ParticleShop.


How do I use the ParticleShop Quick Launch panel (Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 and later)?


1 Click Window > Extensions > ParticleShop to display the panel.

2 In Adobe Photoshop, select a layer.

ParticleShop can open only a single raster layer, which is not hidden or locked. Selecting layer masks or channels is not supported.

3 On the ParticleShop panel, enable one of the following options:

• Duplicate active layer — to create a copy of the active layer and open it in ParticleShop

• Duplicate visible layers below and merge with active layer — to duplicate the active layer and all visible layers below the active layer, merge them into a single layer and open it in ParticleShop

• Use active layer — to open the selected layer

4 Click Launch ParticleShop.



AlphaPlugins Digitalizer 2.2

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AlphaPlugins Digitalizer II 2.2

(x32/x64) [Patch] [Photoshop Plugin]